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�� Mark is a Co-Director of the Center for the Advancement of Spiritual and Scientific Truth and its auxiliary, Intuitive Services.�� Presently, one of the primary services shared by our center (intended to facilitate personal growth and self-healing) is in-depth personal consultation by phone through Ether.com.

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�� Mark (specializing in relationship compatibility) intends to give you a unique perspective (balancing intuition and logic) through a roadmap of probable or likely events for love/romance, money, and vocational opportunities using cards (event description/outcome), astrology (event timing), and clairvoyance. Mark (a former systems engineer, BSEE) has over twelve years of professional full-time experience (over 30,000 consultations with Intuitive Services, Keen.com (as "Divinus"), 800Predict, and Phoenix Psychic Services). He has many newspaper/TV/Radio appearances.

Services Offered:

Clairvoyant Consultations (Predicts Love, Money, and Vocational Opportunities)

�� Future Event Outcome and Timing Combined Synergistically (Using Cards, Astrology, and Clairvoyance)..

������ Intuitive Card Reading� (For Probable Future Event Outcome/Description)

������ Intuitive Astrological Interpretation (For Probable Future Event Opportunity Timing)

�������� Personality Insight (Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, Physical Personality Characteristics)

�������� Relationship Compatibility Potential� (Romance� Avocational� Friendship)

������������ Longevity and Harmony/Challenge Potential Numerically Rated:

����������� Unique and Personal Computer Interpretation Report Available� (Visit: http://www.intuitiveinsights.biz or http://www.isismatch.bizland.com)

�� Spirit Communication ( Messages Relayed From Relatives/Friends on the Other Side)

Media Appearances/Interviews:

Dayton Daily News, WKEF 22 News (NBC TV affliliate), WSAI AM 1530 "Angel Talk" (National radio show), WHIO AM 1290 (New Years radio show),� Columnist for "Passages" Newsletter.

Put to the test on TV: "The reading was fun and it did produce some uncanny insight into my personality, my past and my present...Mark...was right on target with much of what they said. Although not a scientific survey, their statistical accuracy was as follows: 0%...false, 14%...true for most people, 36%...specifically true for her, 50% uncanny direct hits out of a total 22 items (100%). The psychics had an uncanny ability to know more about me than a stranger should. "NBC TV affiliate Channel 22 News

"Nine out of 10 people are interested in relationships. ... developed a tool that will determine if a relationship has long-term soulmate (life partner) potential with 98 or 99 percent accuracy." (from an interview by a major U.S. metropolitan newspaper: Dayton Daily News, April 1999).

Sample Testimonials:

"He was right in the money, I would definitely refer this guy to anyone who needs accurate advice": J.M.

He was right on the mark ... very good reading and I look forward to talking to him again ...looking forward to several of the things coming up ... will call back soon ... Thanks!!":� J.B.

"...he said something about a female whose name begins with an "r", and i have been trying to reach a best friend that i lost contact with about 2 years ago whose name begins with an "r". i really miss her and i hope that what he says is true, i dont care how emotional our reunion.": A.Q.

"The relationship compatibility insight was uncanny! I really like the way he can tell if my relationship has soulmate potential.";� R.B.

"He was very good. ...and was quick to find answers as not to waste my time and money. Highly recommended.": C.M

"I am amazed at your accuracy. A lot of things you told me are starting to happen" : S.B.

"There are a lot of things going on in my life right now and you guys predicted it, I'm just blown away, hope your doing great" : L.D.

"I met you at a psychic show over a year ago, Mark did some future astrology for me and told me about some wonderful upcoming opportunities that, since then, ended up being very, very accurate...you said you felt good about my boyfriend and we are currently engaged to be married, just like you predicted! You are both such special people, thank you...you have been in my heart and prayers" : M.C.

"Thank you for being so wonderful to me...lots of love" : J.J.

"Went over the tapes done several months ago...surprised at congruity of what was said then and what's happening now...very accurate" : J.F.

"Of everything you told me, most of it has already come true" : R.S.

"You said there would be a major change in my life and it has happened" : J.W.

"There is a lot of stuff going on, and Mark, your astrology chart was right on, you wouldn't believe it" : B.A.

"Want to give you a big thank you for that wonderful reading, it was great and I really appreciate it" : M.S.

"Just wanted to let Mark know he was correct, the guy did change his mind...what would be a good day to sign the contract ?" B.G..

"What a surprise, we are getting Di (our dog) back...you were correct" : V.P.

"Here's validation for you, the windfall you predicted for today was that I just got news of an unexpectedly large bonus and award" : C.H.

"Yesterday was supposed to be my challenging day with males, well about 10:00 AM that day my son called from school and said he needed to come home because he was ill; so something did happen...I'm just lucky and grateful that's all there was" : G.F.

"Hello I was just writing to thank you for all the complimentary stuff you sent me. I am very thankful and all of it helped me. I really do appreciate it. Most people just sent me a price list.....I was suprised when I saw all my E-mail. Your friend Larcen7"

"I can't begin to tell you both how wonderful that it is that we have "found" one another "again". Being around you two and sharing our mutual interests makes me feel more alive and excited than I have been for a long time." : P.E.

"Just wanted to thank you for our visit today, we enjoyed our visit with you � a lot...it was really a very special day. It was great, very inspiring, positive and relaxing. Mark, thanks a lot for the astrology work. THANK YOU.... I could not believe how much there was. It was so comfortable to talk with you and to know that I am getting to know you two better...it's really neat! We'll see you on the news. Am looking forward to seeing you in person soon...it is always good...love to you." : G.F.

"Thank you so much...it gave me new insight. I know I will never forget that evening...you helped push me ahead with my goals." : S.A.

"You helped me so much. I am very happy. I think and pray that all is well with you and your cause...you are both so full of love" : M.C.

"Just what you said happened...thanks for being there" : L.G.

"You sure hit the nail on the head when you said things would be challenging until Thanksgiving...thanks for letting me know when things would improve." : J.P.

"Thanks for a wonderful evening. It was special and the comfort and ease we felt not only with spirit, but also with you... it means so much." : D.S.

"I enjoyed the reading. It was a great...wish you peace, light and love. Take care." : A.L.

"Thank you for being my friend. God has given you a great gift to help enrich people's lives" : L.W.

"Many miracles have taken place in my life since we met a week ago...you offer so much love, understanding, and sensitivity to those lives you touch." : T.M.

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